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Like most other stones, TRAVERTINE can be followed back to the humble limestone. Its composition is much the same. The evaporation of water in limestone cavities has formed what we know today as TRAVERTINE. One of the advantages TRAVERTINE has over other stones is that it hardens with age and exposure.

Also due to its origins and “structure” it can be processed in many different visual effects. TRAVERTINE is available in tumbled, honed, polished & brushed finishes. Our most popular finish for outdoor ares and swimming pools are the tumbled and honed finishes.

TRAVERTINE is one of the world’s oldest building materials and certainly has stood the test of time, just look at the Colosseum in Rome!

Travertine available in:




Tumbled square edge coping available in Navona, Noce and Silver:

Tumbled square edge coper

Bullnose coping available in Navona, Noce and Silver:

*Bullnose on 610mm side

Bullnose coper