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fence stone self locating wall system

FENCE STONE is the revolutionary new DIY fence systems can be used to 2.2 metres high! This self locating wall system is a great project where no bricklaying skills are required and is an attractive and efficient wall.

The FENCE STONE self locating wall system includes purpose made pier blocks for in between wall panels, end of walls at gate openings, internal and external right angles. This exciting new wall is available in 2 colours.

Appin Stone


Full Block: 400Lx200Wx120Hmm
Half Block: 200Lx200Wx120Hmm
Wall Panel Capping: 200Lx160Wx60Hmm
Standard Pier Cap: 240Lx240Wx65Hmm
End Pier Block: 240Lx240Wx200Hmm
Straight Pier Block: 240Lx240Wx200Hmm
Corner Pier Block: 240Lx240Wx200Hmm
Raised Bullnose Cap: 240Lx240Wx100Hmm (raised height)
300Lx300Wx50Hmm (bullnose cap)