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tasman retaining wall system

The TASMAN interlocking retaining wall system makes construction of retaining walls simple yet strong and reliable. Ideal for any domestic project or larger engineered commercial structure.

The TASMAN block range is a totally versatile system allowing for convex or concave curves, straight walls, right angle corners, steps and terraced walls. This range of blocks is available in 8 modern colours.

Appin Stone





Opal White

Red Rock

Yellow Rock

Wall Block: 390Lx225Wx200Hmm
Half Wall Block: 190Lx225Wx200Hmm
Full Corner Block: 145Lx340Wx200Hmm
Half Corner Block: 145Lx235Wx200Hmm
Half Capping Block: 200Lx225Wx60Hmm
Full Capping Block: 390Lx240Wx60Hmm